WLkata Mirobot Automobile intelligent manufacturing line


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WLkata Mirobot

Automobile intelligent manufacturing line

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This automobile intelligent manufacturing line is designed to better learning the need for industrial flexible production and achieve the reduction of the automotive production process in the process of "assembly, welding, welding joint detection, grinding" and other automatic production processes, by forming a complete set of automotive production line production plan. The whole production line is based on unit equipment nodes, and real-time integrated control, visual detection, data collection, and processing are carried out at the same time. The feedback is obtained through visual detection and data transmission from nodes themselves, and the master control is responsible for scheduling and dispatching AGVs for material taking or repair and other operations. The code can be stored in the multi-function control box through WLKATA Studio, which is convenient for students to modify according to the scene. It provides a safe, open, and friendly platform for students to learn robot programming and control and intelligent manufacturing system engineering.
Robot arm parameter
Axis  6+1
Control Arduino
Vertical Payload 450g
Omnidirectional Payload 150g
Control PC/APP/Bluetooth controller/Run offline
Range of motion 320mm(multi-angle at the end)
Scalability Python/Java/C/C++/C#/Ros
Voltage 100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz
Input 12 V/5 A DC
Power 60W 
Temperature -10℃-60℃
Material Aluminum alloy, ABS engineering plastics
Robot arm axis motion parameters
Axis 1 -100°~+100°  max speed 31°/s
Axis 2 -60°~+90°  max speed 65°/s
Axis 3 -180°~+50°  max speed 28°/s
Axis 4 -180°~+180°  max speed 110°/s
Axis 5 -180°~+50°  max speed 33°/s
Axis 6 -180°~+180°  max speed 66°/s


Product item list
1.WLkata Mirobot Education Kit
2.Robot arm vehicle
3.extended sliding rail set
4.AI Vision Set
5.Car Model
6.Display screen
7.Logistics accessories




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