Wlkata Robot Arm Vehicle kit for k 12 robotics course


WLkata robot arm application solutions

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Title :

Product Parameter
The omnidirectional mobile vehicle can be equipped with the WLKATA Mirobot robotic arm to realize long-distance object handling through integrated control.
Vehicle Parameter
Size 290×220×85mm
Control PC/APP/Mirobot
Vehicle Size 500×400mm
Extender box 1pc
Battery 1pc 12V 6000mA
Max payload 10kg
Power 12V
Weight 2.7
Robot arm parameter
Axis  6+1
Control Arduino
Vertical Payload 450g
Omnidirectional Payload 150g
Control PC/APP/Bluetooth controller/Run offline
Range of motion 320mm(multi-angle at the end)
Scalability Python/Java/C/C++/C#/Ros
Voltage 100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz
Input 12 V/5 A DC
Power 60W 
Temperature -10℃-60℃
Material Aluminum alloy, ABS engineering plastics
Robot arm axis motion parameters
Axis 1 -100°~+100°  max speed 31°/s
Axis 2 -60°~+90°  max speed 65°/s
Axis 3 -180°~+50°  max speed 28°/s
Axis 4 -180°~+180°  max speed 110°/s
Axis 5 -180°~+50°  max speed 33°/s
Axis 6 -180°~+180°  max speed 66°/s
Items list In The Kit
1.WLKATA Mirobot robot arm 1
2.Power cable & High-speed USB cable & IDC cable 1
3.Pen holder 1
4.Micro servo gripper 1
5.Multifunctional extender box 1
6.Mirobot  sticker 1
7.Handbook  1
8.Pneumatic set (including pneumatic box, suction cup, two-finger gripper, three-finger soft gripper) 1
9.Robot Controller (with USB cable) 1
10.Wlkata Robot Arm Vehicle 1


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