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 Technical parameters of mobile robot Drive mode: differential drive; Number of wheels: 4; The diameter of the driving wheel is ≈ 4 inches; Load: ≥10kg; Maximum speed ≥1m/s; Endurance time ≥ 8h; The number of ultrasonic waves: ≥ 2; Communication interface: USB-UART; Support power display; Hardware interface: LAN\WAN\USB3.0*2\USB2.0*1 Power output:...
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 Technical parameters of mobile robot

  1. Drive mode: differential drive;
  2. Number of wheels: 4;
  3. The diameter of the driving wheel is 4 inches;
  4. Load: 10kg;
  5. Maximum speed 1m/s;
  6. Endurance time 8h;
  7. The number of ultrasonic waves: 2;
  8. Communication interface: USB-UART;
  9. Support power display;
  10. Hardware interface: LAN\WAN\USB3.0*2\USB2.0*1
  11. Power output: provide 12V.
  12. Industrial encoder: 400 lines;
  13. Climbing ability12°
  14. Obstacle crossing height 18mm
  15. Overall size: 360*455*160mm;
  16. Modular design, easy disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance;

Technical parameters of navigation scanning unit

  1. 360-degree omnidirectional scanning ranging;
  2. Small ranging error, high precision, accurate to 1%;
  3. Wide ranging range: 16m;
  4. Ranging frequency: 5Hz~12Hz;
  5. Strong anti-environmental interference, can withstand ambient light intensity up to 100kLux;
  6. Angular resolution: 0.61~0.65;
  7. High-speed ranging, ranging frequency up to 9000Hz

Technical parameters of RGB camera

  1. Supported image resolution: 1280x720@60fqs, 640x480@30fqs
  2. Sensor size: 1/4 inch
  3. Dynamic range: 72db
  4. Viewing angle: 120° Sensitivity: 4000mV/lux-s

Robot arm parameters and specifications:

  1. Desktop-level robotic arm based on Arduino open source hardware chip
  2. Number of axes: greater than or equal to 4 axes
  3. Load: no less than 500g
  4. Maximum stretching distance: no less than 320mm
  5. Repeat positioning accuracy is not less than 0.2mm
  6. Axis motion parameters:
  7. a) First axis: +100° to -100°

Maximum speed: 31°/s;

  1. b) Second axis: -60° to 90°

Maximum speed: 65°/s;

  1. c) Third axis: -180° to 50°

Maximum speed: 28°/s;

  1. d) Fourth axis: -180° to 180°

Maximum speed: 110°/s;

  1. e) Fifth axis: -180° to 50°

Maximum speed: 33°/s;

  1. f) Sixth axis: -180° to 180°

Maximum speed: 66°/s;

  1. Communication interface support: USB\WiFi\Bluetooth\RS485;
  2. Power supply voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz;
  3. Power input: 12 V/5 A DC;
  4. The maximum power is not more than: 60W;
  5. Ambient temperature: -10-60
  6. Net weight (robot body): 1.6 Kg;
  7. Base size: diameter 160mm;
  8. Material: aluminum alloy, ABS engineering plastic;
  9. Integrated controller;
  10. Robot installation: desktop;
  11. Packaging specifications (length × width × height): 400mm × 300mm × 250 mm;
  12. Application: Studio, Grblcontroller3.6, Blockly graphical interface programming
  13. Extension interface:
  14. a) I/O can be configured as analog signal input or PWM output;
  15. b) Communication (UART), reset, stop, 12V, 5V, and 2 I/O interfaces;
  16. c) 12V power output;
  17. d) Stepper motor drive interface × 2.
  18. Software Development Kit (SDK): Provide communication protocol and function library
  19. Included accessories: servo gripper, suction cup kit, pen holder, extension module, handle control kit
  20. a) Single-finger suction cup: pressure -58kpa, suction cup diameter 10mm;
  21. b) Two-finger suction cup: pressure -58kpa, suction cup diameter 10mm, two-finger spacing 50mm;
  22. c) Servo gripper (opening and closing distance: 30mm; drive:

Servo PWM signal; clamping force: 5N);

  1. d) Pen holder for writing and drawing: the diameter of the pen hole is 10mm
  2. Support control methods: APP, Wi-Fi, gamepad, Bluetooth teach pendant, PC, voice, vision
  3. The control software is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux
  4. Support ROS, V-rep, Arduino, C, C++, C#, Python, java and other secondary development, and provide SDK development kit
  5. Demonstrate the functions of the robotic arm: writing and drawing functions, suction and pump functions, and point teaching and reproduction functions.

Robot software package function

  1. It has the function of robot motion control, including speed control, position control and trajectory control.
  2. Based on the ROS system, it supports and provides the ROS system integrated development environment RosStudio IDE, which can realize the operation of ROS mobile robots, device management, analysis of the ROS architecture, source code editing, algorithm management, parameter configuration, compilation and debugging, one key deployment and other functions.

3. Provide SDK resources in three system environments: Android, Ubuntu, and Windows, which is conducive to secondary development.

  1. Provide the SLAM algorithm based on lidar, which can realize the functions of building maps, autonomous navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, multi-point cruise, etc., and can update the map in real time.

5. Provide andiord mobile APP to realize autonomous cruise between multiple target points.

6. The professional ROS learning assistant software RosStudio can realize the functions of operating the ROS mobile robot, device management, analyzing the ROS architecture, source code editing, algorithm management, parameter configuration, compiling and debugging, and one-click deployment in a window-visualized way.

7. Contains Ros Slam algorithm comments and key parameter debugging instructions. 

8. It supports the automatic mobile grabbing function, and the mobile grabbing tasks can be edited through the interface, and the grabbing accuracy rate can reach more than 90%. At the same time, it provides a simulated logistics sorting scheme with no less than 4 robots running at the same time.

▲9. Provide detailed experimental instructions, configure ROS basic experiment, sensor experiment, SLAM experiment, sensor fusion stereo obstacle avoidance experiment, human body follow experiment and many other experimental contents.


    Intelligent logistics intelligent robot LJ-EAI
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