ZUTO Mini Smart Factory Innovation Platform


System outline

E-Robot insustry 4.0 mini business card/bookmarks factory, which using advanced artificial intelligence technology, robotics technology and Internet technology, integrating digital twin technology, programmable, and interesting features, to create a miniature future factory platform, through unmanned operation, programmable teaching, and personalized intelligent manufacturing , Let smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 enter the field of students’ cognition and application, and make the smart manufacturing technology at your fingertips within reach.

Based on the development and learning tasks of a complete industrial robot processing system, the technical knowledge range are richer, more comprehensive, and more systematic,  The students learn and train through the system workstations to form a more comprehensive and understanding of intelligent manufacturing in unmanned factories, and have a comprehensive understanding and experience.

The desktop mini-factory takes a small flexible manufacturing system as the carrier. The main feature is that it occupies a small space, builds learning and workstations, and develops a complete industry 4.0 unmanned intelligent factory system recognition, construction, operation, programming and maintenance as the main content integration In the teaching plan, the teaching is organized in accordance with the easy-to-understand curriculum model, and the learning and training of flexible factory construction, CNC laser engraving and industrial robots, and machine vision inspection have become easy and simple.

  • Authenticity: Smart factory with scale reduction, adopting scaled-down industrialized robot system;
  • Intelligence: Personalized ordering, warehousing, and processing, complete unmanned bookmark/business card production line
  • Interest: supporting teaching system, STEM programming system, Siemens PLC system, multiple development programming modes
  • Teaching: supporting robot, CNC laser engraving, wireless intelligent control development course application;
  • Processing: Really processed finished products with abundant consumables
  • Simulation: Supporting IOA virtual factory, it can realize virtual simulation, virtual and real simulation 1:1;

System parameters

  • Size6m*1.2m = 7.2 m2
  • Power4KW,220V/380V
  • Installation methodCombined smart factory bottom platform
  • Operation modeOne-key order operation, manual control operation, step-by-step control operation, remote monitoring

The technical knowledge range are richer, more comprehensive, and more systematic,. Through the learning and training of the system workstations, students can have a comprehensive understanding and experience of the overall application of intelligent manufacturing in unmanned factories. With a small flexible manufacturing system as the carrier, the main feature is that it occupies a small space, builds learning and workstations, supports the development of resource packages, and organizes cognition, teaching, and the construction of future factories, CNC applications and industries in accordance with easy-to-understand curriculum models. The learning and training of robots and artificial intelligence has become easy and simple.

  • Reconfigurable industrial robots, laser engraving, control systems, and digital twin simulation constitute six subject experimental platforms, forming an integrated solution from basic programming, application, training to integrated development
  • Modular combination: Each module is relatively independent, and can be used for individual training or combined training application. Each module adopts digital signage + intelligent control unit integration.
  • The system is easy to maintain, develop, and train without losing its industrial characteristics. Satisfy the development and application of industrial Internet professionals from the equipment layer to the management level of the smart factory, covering the teaching, research and training of special technologies and professional core technologies in many professional fields such as electronic information, computers, industrial robots, etc..
  • Digital twin, the system is equipped with a 1:1 digital twin system, which can be mapped to the real production line through virtual simulation, that is, to realize the training and application of one hand and one machine


The platform mainly uses software to personalize orders to complete the fully automated process of online ordering, production order analysis, process scheduling, intelligent storage and storage, flexible process reconfiguration and production, laser engraving and three-dimensional assembly

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